Monday, December 10, 2018

Ankle Detail

I made the ankle details out of some veneer plywood which has a relatively smooth surface. I used plans to make a full size template and cut the basic shape on a bandsaw and then used a drum and mini belt sander to cleanup up the cuts.


One edge of the ‘L’ portion has is angled, so I started by marking a line where the slope will end. Remember that the two pieces on each leg are a mirror image of each other.


I made the angle using my mini-belt sander with the table tipper to the correct angle.


Here is the finished angles.


At the top of each part there is a shallow cut out. I laid this out and then cut the edges with an EX-ACTO knife, and then carefully removed the rest of the material with a chisel. 


There is a tab that comes off the top of each piece.I made this from a piece of MDF and created the angles on three sides with the mini-belt sander. I then glued the finish pieces together.


Here are the finished pieces.


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  1. Aaaah this takes me back to when I made mine. Progress is looking good.