Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ankle Cylinder Wedges

The next part of the ankle is the wedge that goes between the cylinder and and the slopped part of the ankle.

I started by making templates from the plans and then cutting the parts out of styrene.


Here is the part glued together. Once the the glue was dry I wrapped a piece of sand paper around the same PVC pipe I used to make the cylinders and sanded the curve to get a good fit to the pipe. You also want to be sure to sand down the edge of the top part so it will also fit tight to the cylinder.


I glued the wedge to the cylinder using model glue. I got things a little out of sequence here. You can see that I had painted the cylinder before attaching the wedge. The be sure the glue held I had to sand off some of the paint before attaching the wedge. This really wasn’t a  problem since that center section will be blue when finished anyway.


I used some hobby putty to smooth out the connection between the wedge and the cylinder. I also used it on the edges to fill any place where it didn’t fit tight to the cylinder.


I also used some hobby putty on the back to strengthen the connection. You can also see in this picture that I used some small strips of styrene to make it easier to attach the sides, but this wasn’t really needed and I didn’t do it on the later pieces.


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