Saturday, March 2, 2019

Under Shoulder Detail Part 3

In my last two posts I showed how I made the cylindrical parts of the under shoulder details. Not it’s time to build the final assembly. I started by cutting pieces of dowel to make the side parts of the detail.


Between there there needs to be another dowel to hold the smaller cylinder. To drill the hole for this I made a jig. I drilled a hole through a block the same size as the side dowels. I then drilled a hole in the top of the block into the other hole, this is where the drill will go. Finally I tacked in a scrap piece of dowel into the hole so that when the dowel I am drilling is fully inserted the hole if the top is in the exact location I need the hole in the part.


The jig made it easy to drill these holes accurately.


To drill the holes in the large cylinder I went back to the jig I made to hold the part while I was making the knurling.


Here are the fully assembled parts. The ends of the side dowels need to be angled so I did this using a small belt sander after they were assembled. This guaranteed that the angle was the same on both dowels on each part.