Saturday, September 8, 2018

Battery Box Part Two

The next step for the battery boxes is to make the side panels. I started by cutting pieces of Luan plywood to the correct size. These will fit into the rabbets I cut in the end panels.


Next I use the router table to cut a shallow rabbet along two edges of the panels. This will allow the styrene to sit flush with the side panel.


Finally I cut slots that will be used to attach these to the feet. On the foot here will be a screw with a large head. The head will go through the large hole and then battery box will slide down so the shaft of the screw will go in the small slot locking it in. I cut these buy just drilling a couple holes and then cleaning it up with a file.


After gluing these to the end panels I cut some strips of wood and glued them to the back of the panel underneath where the rabbet is that will hold the styrene. I did this because the Luan was a little to flexible and tended to bend when I tried to attach the styrene.

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