Saturday, September 15, 2018

Battery Box Part 3

The next step was to cut the half moon pieces that go on one side of the box. I made these just like the end pieces, cutting them on the router table with a pattern bit, and the cutting the finished pieces to the right lenght.


These were then glued to the box.


Once the glue was dry, the next step was to drill holes in the bottom one to hold the power cable, this is where I ran into a problem…


The MDF just didn’t hold up top to the drilling operation which destroyed the first one I tried to drill.

My second attempt worked out much better. I traced the profile of the curve onto a harder piece of wood and then before cutting them out, drilled the holes. With the holes drilled I then cut the curve on the band saw and cleaned it up on the drum sander. Finally I cleaned off the broken piece and glued on the new ones.


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