Monday, September 3, 2018

Battery Box Part 1

The next parts to make are the battery boxes that go on the outside legs. Here is a picture of the finished product. It is made from MDF ends, luan plywood sides and styrene for the rounded parts.


The first step was to make the end caps. I started out cutting some 3/4” MDF to the proper width. Ignore the fact that they are different length, they will all get cut to the same length when the end’s are rounded.DSC01562

Next I cut a template out of hardboard that I will use with the router table and a template cutting bit to make the round ends. I only made the template one sided so that I could be sure all the ends were identical.


Next I marked the blanks for the locations of the curves and made rough cuts on the band saw.


Here is the template screwed to the blank. The side with the screw holes won’t be seen so there are no concerns with having to fill the holes later. With the template in place I made the cuts on the router table.


Here are all the ends panel cut.


The next step was to cut a rabbet on the edges of each piece to hold the side panels. These were cut on the router table using the fence as a guide since it’s a straight cut. The router will leave the ends of the rabbets slightly rounded so I cleaned them up with a chisel.


The final cut on the end pieces is a rabbet along the rounded ends to hold the styrene. It has been a while since I built these so I can’t remember how I made this cut. I assume I did it on the router table.


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