Monday, May 25, 2015

Middle Ring

With the top and bottom plates complete I turned my attention to the middle ring. I started it the same way as the top and bottom plates, attaching the template and cutting the outside edge using my router table jig.
To cut the inside of the ring I needed to make an adjustment to my jig. For the outside of the ring you need to push the ring into the bit, but to cut the inside you need to do the reverse, pulling the ring into the bit. I could achieve this by moving the ring to the other side of the bit, but the clamp the held the stop block was in the way. To solve this I glued a small block to the end of the piece of wood that holds the pivot point and then clamped on a block that I could pull the stop block against. To be able to start the cut I drilled a hole that was larger then the bit, this provided clearance to start the router without the bit touching the wood.
Here is the completed cut.

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