Sunday, February 10, 2019

Under Shoulder Details Part 1

The next part I am going to show is the under shoulder detail.

ILM R2 P1010009

To make the main part I started by cutting a dowel into pieces of the correct length.


To create the knurling on the part I started by making a paper template with lines for where each groove will be. I wrapped this template around the part and glued it on using spray adhesive.


To hold the part while I was working on it I took a block of wood and drilled a hole in it the same size as the dowel, then I cut the end of the block in half exposing the button of the hold .


To make the grooves I started with an X-Acto knife and the opened up the cuts some more with a needle file.


These parts have a groove around them on either end. To make this I went back to my mini-lathe.  I wrapped electrical tape around the end of the part to prevent the jaws from damaging the part.


Finally I drilled the holes that will hold the side dowels. I went back to my jig to hold the part and drilled in on the drill press.


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