Sunday, February 3, 2019

Foot Half Moon Details

On the side of the feet is the half moon foot detail. 

 I started by cutting paper templates from the styrene plans. The middle element has some smaller pieces that I didn't do templates for but just hand cut. I used these templates to cut the styrene parts.

To make the half moon I wrapped the outer part around the half circle element and glued it in place. You need to be sure you have it carefully aligned so that both ends end up in the correct location. Next I cut and glued in the triangular ribs to strengthen the part. 

The middle element is made of three parts. The front part with the two slots at the top, two thin triangles that form the sides and finally a small strip to close up the bottom. I glues up these parts and sanded them smooth and the glues the finish assembly to the half moon.

Since the side of the foot was skinned in styrene I could use styrene cement to glue on the detail. I used a couple clamps to hold it in place to dry. In this picture you can also see the three other details on the side of the foot. These were cut from styrene using templates made from the plans and glued in place with styrene cement. 

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