Sunday, October 14, 2018

Battery Box Harness Part 4

The final part of the battery box harness is the small block at the goes on the bottom. I made these the same way as the top block. I started with a piece of hardwood and cut the notch on the router table. I then cut the pieces to length and angled the sides on my mini belt sander.


To attach the hinge to the rest of the harness I drilled a hole in the end of the harness and the end of the hinge piece and connected them with glue and a small dowel.


I also used a down to connect the hinge to the battery box.


Initially I attached these incorrectly to the batter box. I thought the hinge attached to the front surface of the box so I had drilled the lower set of holes. After looking close are reference pictures I realized that it was supposed to go into the bottom of the half moon part, so I drilled another set of holes there. These holes would have been much easier to drill if I had done it before attaching the half moons. I had to drill these holes a little bigger then the dowel to be able to get the dowel into the hole. I will eventually fill the other holes, and they will be mostly hidden by the harness.


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