Sunday, July 8, 2018

Outer Feet Part 2

The next part of the feet is the trim piece along the bottom. I started this with a piece of pine cut on the table saw to the right thickness and angles.


I glued these pieces together and used some small nails in a nail gun to tack them together.


Once the glue was dry I glued them to the bottom of the foot shells I showed in my last post. I put two thin screws into the center plywood web to hold the trim on until the glue dried.


With the frame complete I started on the details along the bottom part. Below you can see the paper template I cut from the full sized plans.


I then used that template to markup the styrene for the part.


Finally I cut out the part. Two important notes about doing this. First I cut out the rectangular areas first before cutting it off the sheet because it makes it easier to hold the part as you cut. I also left the piece long on both ends and will cut it to size later so I am sure if fits the foot properly.


I could have attached this piece directly to the foot, but I found it was easier, and provided a cleaner result if I first glued this to a very thin piece of styrene and then glued the entire assembly to the foot. Here is the part being glued to the backing.


Here it is being glued to the foot shell.


Here is the foot shell with the trim pieces all attached. For the corners I used styrene glue to attach the pieces together and the sanded them smooth.


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