Sunday, June 7, 2015

Frame Uprights


The final set of parts I needed to make for the frame were the frame uprights. Here is the drawing of these parts for reference.


The first step was to rip some 1/2” plywood down into 1 1/4” strips. Once this was done I cut the pieces to length. You will notice that there are only three sizes of upright, so I setup a stop block for each size on my miter saw bench to assure that each set of pieces was exactly the same length even if the exact length measurement was a little off.


Instead of using a printed template for these I decided to just measure the locations of the slots since the measurements are pretty simple. You will notice in the plans that a lot of the slots line up across pieces, so I started by marking the slots on the piece with the most slots. I then transferred those marks to the other pieces only measuring when a slot was in a position that wasn’t on the original piece. Again, just like the length, this assures that the slots line up even if your original measurement is a little off.

Since the slots in the rings were squared off I made the slots in the uprights square also by cutting them on a table saw with a dado blade. Just remember there is a slot on two pieces that is smaller then the others so it can hold the 1/4” piece that goes under the large data port.


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