Saturday, June 13, 2015

Frame Complete


With all the frame parts complete I did a dry assembly of the frame. It can be a little tricky to assemble; there is a good video here that can help if you are having trouble: 


Once assembled there were a few checks I did to make sure everything was cut right. First I checked that the full length uprights didn’t have gaps at the top or bottom which would indicate that one or more of them was to long or to short. That looked ok so I then took some measurements of the overall height at a few spots around the body.


I also checked that the uprights did not stick out beyond the edge of the top and bottom plates, or any of the rings. I had to do a little sanding and filing to get them to fit perfectly. The one area where I did have some problems was with the back left upright which was hitting the side plate. I had to file down the edge of the upright a bit to get it to fit. I am not really sure why this upright goes the full height of the frame, but the corresponding one on the other side doesn’t.


I don’t have any plans to glue up the frame until much later in the build process.

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