Sunday, April 21, 2019

Coin Slots Part 2

In my last post I showed how I made the stock for the coin slots. The next step was to cut bevel along the top edge of both sides. I did this on the table saw and then sanded it to clean up the cut. Next I layed out the shape of each element.

With the layout done I first rough cut each element.

Instead of trying to cut the finished length and the angle, I instead used a mini belt sander to carefully sand them down to the finished shape.

To assemble the elements into a final part I cut a piece of luan to work as a backer. I initially marked off the position of each element but found that this wasn't the best way to assemble it accurately.

Instead I cut a series of small blocks that matched the distance between the elements. I glues in the first one and then use the blocks to get the correct spacing for the remainder.

Here is the finished coin slot assembly.

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