Saturday, March 3, 2018

Leg Strut Part 1

The next piece to work on is the leg strut. This is a much more complex part then the shoulder hydraulic I showed in the last couple posts, so I broke it down into 5 section as seen in the diagram. I will start with section 4.


For this piece I went back to the machine lathe. I started with a dowel that matches the largest diameter of the part. Using the measurements in the plans I marked out each segment.


I then machined each of the grooves in the part.



Here is the part with the lathe work complete. I still needs to be trimmed to length and cleaned up a bit.


Using a centering gauge I marked the center of each end.


I then drilled out each end for dowels that will be used to connect the sections together.


For piece 3, I cut the part from a dowel of the correct diameter and then used a file and some sanding to create the bevel on the edges.


I marked the center of the piece with the centering gauge and then mounted it in my dowel drill jig to drill a hole through the center.


Here are the two pieced complete.


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