Saturday, April 15, 2017

Head pockets


On either side and back of the head are these pockets.


These are the pieces for each pocket. The sides go the full height of the head and the small blocks are used to form the top and bottom edge of the pocket. These pieces are rounded slightly on one side to match the curve of the head. I also slightly rounded the edge of the side pieces, again to match the head curve. Finally there is a piece of 1/4” luan that forms the back.


Here are the assembled sides and back. Ignore the yellow, it was just a piece of wood I had laying around that was already painted.


Before installing the finished pockets in the head I painted them with some white spray primer.



  1. Looking good. Make sure you drill holes in the recess boxes for the dome rods to fit into etc, before fitting the dome skin :)

  2. Good tip, I really haven't thought that far ahead.

  3. What/ how are you planning on fitting the dome rods?? Screw fitting??
    What material will they they be made of, resin, aluminium, 3D?? The length, if slightly longer than the recess would mean a full size hole for the rods to fit through. Either way, pre-drilling the holes before the skin is on is a must as later with a drill, is not easy :)

    I'd suggest looking into the rods and how to fit them before you go further, will save you a headache :)

  4. I will probably custom fabricate the rods so I will be able to make them an exact fit for the pockets. But while I have access to them I will drill hold just in case I need some sort of fastener. One of my goals for this project is to fabricate as much from scratch as possible.

  5. James, BTW, thanks for your blog I have used it quite often as a reference for my build.